Turke’s Omega-3 Product Demo in Hoboken, NJ July 2011 (with video)

A few weeks ago, we held a product demo at Garden of Eden in Hoboken, NJ and the response was overwhelmingly positive.

Company founder and president John Forde offered free samples of Turke’s Omega-3 Antibiotic-free Gourmet Smoked Turkey Breast as well as Turke’s Omega-3 Antibiotic-free Gourmet Oven Roasted Turkey Breast to in-store shoppers while offering these products for sale behind the deli counter.

We received many compliments about the great taste of our Turke’s Omega-3 deli meats, and customers enjoyed the samples so much that we nearly sold out of all 50 lbs of turkey we brought with us!  As expected, the smoked turkey breast seemed to be the crowd favorite.

Customers were especially interested in the health benefits of the omega-3′s in our deli meats, and many also praised the humanely-raised, antibiotic-free aspect of these products.

Be sure to check out the short video we made during the event!

Special thanks to our friends at Garden of Eden and their Hoboken customers.