Our Products

All Turke’s Omega-3 gourmet deli meats are Pennsylvania Amish hand-crafted and prepared under the USDA’s highest quality control measures to ensure consistency and perfection every time.

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Hand-crafted quality

Our variety of deli meats are all hand-made, minimally processed turkey breast, enriched with a 125mg of omega-3 DHA/EPA per serving.


More meat, less water

Since we use “whole muscle” turkey breast and don’t water our products down like many of our competitors, our products retain their natural turkey flavor, texture, and quality.


Omega-3 enriched

All Turke’s Omega-3 gourmet deli meats contain ROPUFA, an odorless, tasteless DHA/EPA omega-3 emulsion. ROPUFA is a trademark of DSM, a world leader in providing healthy functional food ingredients to the food industry. ROPUFA stands for “Refined Omega-3 Poly-Unsaturated Fatty Acids”.


Current Product Offerings:


Antibiotic-free Omega-3 Deli Meats

We start with livestock and poultry that are humanely raised and free of any chemical additives, such as growth hormones and antibotics. The livestock and poultry are fed an all-natural vegetable feed without any animal by-products.

Smoked Turkey – Our most popular product in taste tests, our Antibiotic-free Smoked Omega-3 Turkey Breast gets its flavor from actual hickory smoke, not from any artificial smoke flavorings.
Oven Roasted Turkey – The original Turke’s Omega-3 product that launched our company!
Uncured Smoked Ham -
Roast Beef - Coming Soon!


Conventional Omega-3 Deli Meats

Same great taste, texture, and quality…and the same healthy dose of omega-3!

Smoked Turkey – Our Conventional Smoked Omega-3 Turkey Breast is gets its flavor from actual hickory smoke, not from any artificial smoke flavorings.
Oven Roasted Turkey- Quality oven-roasted turkey breast with an authentic Homestyle taste!
Uncured Smoked Ham - 
Roast Beef - Coming Soon!


We’re proud to offer our products to you and your family!