Turke’s Omega-3 Gourmet Foods is the result of family tradition and expertise in the world of gourmet deli meats.

John Forde, Founder of Turke's Omega-3 Gourmet Foods

John Forde, Founder of Turke's Omega-3 Gourmet Foods

My name is John Forde, and I am the President and Founder of Turke’s Omega-3 Gourmet Foods.

My family ties to the meat industry date back to the 1940s, when my uncle, Emil Gontowski, was the first to develop and sell a cooked, processed turkey breast in the United States.

My parents, Helen and James Forde, both worked for Norwestern Turkey Products, a major turkey breast manufacturing company located in Philadelphia, PA from 1948 to 1990.  I worked for the same company early in my career as well. The company eventually shut down their PA facility and then relocated to the state of Wisconsin.

Everyone always called my father “Turke” and me “Little Turke”.  Just recently, my mother and I thought of the concept of enriching gourmet deli meats with healthy and essential Omega-3 DHA/EPA fatty acids.  So we started a company called Turke’s Omega-3 Gourmet Foods in memory of my father, “Turke”.