About Omega-3

You probably already know that omega-3 fatty acids are good for you. But did you know that all omega-3′s are not created equal?

Foods enhanced with omega-3′s represent one of the hottest trends in the food industry today, as many people in the United States and other countries do not consume enough omega-3 in their diets. Thus, companies are adding omega-3′s to their products to appeal to health-conscious consumers. These healthier products also carry a higher price tag.

But are you really getting all that you bargained for? What most people don’t realize is the type of omega-3′s contained in a product, the level of omega-3′s contained in a product, and the means by which the omega-3′s got into a product are all very important factors when determining the significance of omega-3′s contained in a particular product. Are you aware of the differences?

We intended to teach you a little about omega-3′s, so you know a little more about what you are buying the next time you go grocery shopping. Just because a product says “omega-3″ on the label, doesn’t necessarily mean it provides quite the level of health benefits you might expect.

So, what are the different types of omega-3?