Rethink Your Sandwich

The first and only omega-3 enriched deli meats.

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Meet Our Meats

Get to know our full line of delicious omega-3 meats:

  • Turkey, ham, and roast beef (plus omega-3 cheese coming soon!)
  • Antibiotic-free and conventional varieties
  • Hickory smoked, oven roasted, and more flavors
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We're On A Mission

Our mission is to help improve today’s consumer’s diet by adding healthy functional food ingredients to deli meats and other food products.

Great Taste and Texture

Since we use “whole muscle” turkey breast and don’t water our products down like many of our competitors, our products retain their natural turkey flavor, texture, and quality.

A Long Family History

Our company is part of a long family history in the deli meat business, dating back to the 1940′s!

Hand-Crafted Quality

Our full range of Turke’s Omega-3 deli meats are Pennsylvania Amish hand-crafted and prepared under the USDA’s highest quality control measures to ensure consistency and perfection every time.

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